OJRM  Vol.9 No.2 , June 2020
Non-Drug Therapy to Combat Coronavirus
Abstract: Novel coronavirus is threatening the health of people all over the world and all possible treatment strategies are in urgent. The sensitive of virus to heat proposed temperature treatment as an effective method against coronavirus. Here, we proposed several non-drug therapies including far-infrared, thermal air, thermal oxygen, ozone, hydrogen therapy and plasma physical therapy for immediate clinical trial and implementation. Compared with the drug therapy, these methods are safe without side effects, the highest benefit-to-risk ratio, user-friendly, and low implementation costs. It is urgent and significant to start these non-drug therapeutic design and implementation as early as possible, to determine the safety and effectiveness of these therapeutic methods.
Cite this paper: Wang, S. , Liu, W. , Song, Y. , Xia, T. , Lu, X. , Song, L. , Li, Q. , Sun, J. , Yin, X. , Feng, X. , Yang, Y. and Sun, T. (2020) Non-Drug Therapy to Combat Coronavirus. Open Journal of Regenerative Medicine, 9, 65-70. doi: 10.4236/ojrm.2020.92007.

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