JWARP  Vol.12 No.5 , May 2020
Sedimentary Inputs and Morphology Characterization of the Bottom Agropastoral Lake of Nafoun (North Ivory Coast)
Abstract: A bathymetric and sedimentological analysis carried out respectively in July 2017 and April 2018 made it possible to characterize the sediments and the morphology of Lake Nafoun. The sediments of the lake consist of vases, fine to very coarse sands with average particle sizes ranging from 475.67 and 2111 μm. There is a predominance of very coarse elements (43.50%). The standard deviation of the lake sand is between 1.21 and 1.86 and is poorly classified. The skewness fluctuates between ?0.06 and 0.41. The sediments were deposited at the bottom of the lake due to a progressive decline in the flow of water that carried them. Moreover, this study made it possible to realize the first bathymetric chart of Lake Nafoun, 42 years after its impoundment in 1975.
Cite this paper: Kamagate, A. , Koffi, Y. , Ahoussi, K. , Kouassi, M. , Ehui, H. , Yao, K. and Diallo, S. (2020) Sedimentary Inputs and Morphology Characterization of the Bottom Agropastoral Lake of Nafoun (North Ivory Coast). Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 12, 389-400. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2020.125023.

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