ENG  Vol.12 No.4 , April 2020
New Transmission for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Abstract: The present article is concerned with a method for automatic control of the transmission ratio and torque moment from the engine to the driven wheel and transmission construction in the way that the engine can operate during the entire time of the vehicle’s movement at the optimum condition. It is proposed to consider a new vehicle transmission device. Usually every innovation goes through three stages of consideration: 1) It is a rubbish. 2) There is something in it. 3) That is how it should be, what is complicated in it, it’s very simple. The proposal project is now in the first stage with the transition to the second stage. However, the transmission mechanism is simple, it works well and there is hope for its future prospects.
Cite this paper: Khadeev, R. (2020) New Transmission for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. Engineering, 12, 229-233. doi: 10.4236/eng.2020.124018.

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