ENG  Vol.12 No.1 , January 2020
Theoretical Calculation of Lift Force for Ideal Electric Asymmetric Capacitor Loaded by High Voltage
Abstract: Asymmetric capacitor like the so-called lifter can fly up from the ground. Some common characteristics exist in the asymmetric capacitor: high-voltage, capacitor, lift force. What are the accurate quantitative relations among them and how can we figure the lift force out? It’s a thorny problem so far. In this article, we attempt to establish a model that can match the actual experimental data and theory derivation result. After checking, the calculation result is verified to be correct.
Cite this paper: Cheng, X. , Kuang, G. , Zhang, Y. , Huang, P. , Jiang, D. , Jiang, S. , Qian, X. , Ding, H. and Chen, W. (2020) Theoretical Calculation of Lift Force for Ideal Electric Asymmetric Capacitor Loaded by High Voltage. Engineering, 12, 33-40. doi: 10.4236/eng.2020.121003.

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