OJDM  Vol.10 No.1 , January 2020
Improved Approximation of Layout Problems on Random Graphs
Abstract: Inspired by previous work of Diaz, Petit, Serna, and Trevisan (Approximating layout problems on random graphs, Discrete Mathematics, 235, 2001, 245-253), we show that several well-known graph layout problems are approximable to within a factor arbitrarily close to 1 of the optimal with high probability for random graphs drawn from an Erdös-Renyi distribution with appropriate sparsity conditions using only elementary probabilistic analysis. Moreover, we show that the same results hold for the analogous problems on directed acyclic graphs.
Cite this paper: Cheung, K. and Girardet, P. (2020) Improved Approximation of Layout Problems on Random Graphs. Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics, 10, 13-30. doi: 10.4236/ojdm.2020.101003.

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