AS  Vol.10 No.12 , December 2019
A Simple Method for Pineapple Seedling Propagation
Abstract: Pineapple is nutrient and planted in many tropical and subtropical countries. Plenty of elite seedlings were always needed in short time. The common methods for propagating pineapple seedlings have low-multiplying index or take long time. A new method was introduced in this paper. Shoots were induced using stem sections. And then, the shoot bases were cut and cultured on callus-induced medium. The meristematic granules induced were cultured on shoot-induced medium. Shoots can be induced from the meristematic granules. Seedlings can be induced from these shoots in short time. This method overcomes the defects of the common ways. Enough seedlings can be gotten in short time. The operation is simple and easy to learn.
Cite this paper: Shu, H. , Li, K. , Sun, W. , Xu, G. , Zhan, R. and Chang, S. (2019) A Simple Method for Pineapple Seedling Propagation. Agricultural Sciences, 10, 1534-1541. doi: 10.4236/as.2019.1012113.

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