AJIBM  Vol.9 No.12 , December 2019
Implementing Lean Methodology in a Power Cable Factory: A Case Study of a Low Voltage Cable
Abstract: The paper discusses the effects of implementing Lean methodology in a low voltage cable factory with the goal of enhancing production and time performance. Several different tools in the Lean methodology were used in this study, including planned maintenance, autonomous maintenance, focused improvement and OEE & daily performance review. It is important to understand the current manufacturing process practiced in power cable factories. The practical effects and results of these tools are characterized in this study to help enable companies to use lean thinking. Practical implications; results indicate that applying the technique, manager can easily determine and eliminate manufacturing waster from the process. By enhancing the effectiveness of the process, they will be able to maximize resource allocation. Manufacturing sector has to validate the methodology for fruitful execution of lean technique. The adoption of Lean methodology attributed to successful execution of projects in minimizing changeover time. This implies that raw material delivery time is reduced. For instance, the use of this methodology can lead to 50 percent reduction time that is from 180 min to 90 min. Other industries such as manufacturing industry can adopt this method to reduce the production and delivery time. Pilot examples of how to use lean methods are also described so that lean methods can be applied to other machines. Finally, the paper outlines the advantages of incorporating lean methodology into a company’s projects and makes recommendations based on observations.
Cite this paper: Alamoudi, M. and Alamoudi, R. (2019) Implementing Lean Methodology in a Power Cable Factory: A Case Study of a Low Voltage Cable. American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 9, 2083-2097. doi: 10.4236/ajibm.2019.912138.

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