ENG  Vol.11 No.12 , December 2019
Fire and Smoke Phenomenon in West Najaf City —Southwest Iraq
Abstract: A strange phenomenon of fire taking place at Arruhban area west Bahr-Al Najaf area in Iraq was noticed in 2010 and smoke continued many months; this phenomenon reappeared many years later. This site is part of Bahr-Al Najaf-Iraq NE Arabian plate, located in flat area near an archeological site of Christian temple called Tel Arruhban. To understand the causes for this fire in a non-residential area, field observations from repeated visits between 2010 and 2018 and on-site excavation operations were conducted. The results of analysis of soil samples, and on-site detection for gases and vapors showed that the phenomenon of burning and smoke generated at this site was due to external influences and that the presence of soil rich with organic materials helped to the existence of this phenomenon.
Cite this paper: Alabidi, A. , M. Al-Dahaan, S. and Al-Ansari, N. (2019) Fire and Smoke Phenomenon in West Najaf City —Southwest Iraq. Engineering, 11, 791-800. doi: 10.4236/eng.2019.1112053.

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