AM  Vol.10 No.11 , November 2019
The Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis and an Application to Physics
Abstract: In this manuscript, a proof for the age-old Riemann hypothesis is delivered, interpreting the Riemann Zeta function as an analytical signal, and using a signal analyzing affine model used in radar technology to match the warped Riemann Zeta function on the time domain with its conjugate pair on the warped frequency domain (a Dirichlet series), through a scale invariant composite Mellin transform. As an application of above, since the Navier Stokes system solution’s Dirichlet transforms are also Dirichlet series, a minimal general solution of the 3d Navier Stokes differential equation for viscid incompressible flows is constructed through a fractional derivative Fourier transform of the found begin-solutions preserving the geometric properties of the 2d version assuming that the solution is an analytic solution that suffices the Laplace equation in cylindrical coordinates, which is the momentum equation for both the 2d and the 3d Navier Stokes systems of differential equations.
Cite this paper: Meulens, R. (2019) The Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis and an Application to Physics. Applied Mathematics, 10, 967-988. doi: 10.4236/am.2019.1011068.

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