JAMP  Vol.7 No.11 , November 2019
Exact Solutions for a Class of Nonlinear PDE with Variable Coefficients Using ET and ETEM
Abstract: In this article, by using the modified CK direct method, we give a relationship between the generalized fifth-order KDV equations with variable coefficients and the corresponding constant coefficients ones. Then, we construct the abundant travelling solutions by the extended trial equation method (ETEM) in terms of different functions, such as the elliptic functions, rational functions, hyperbolic functions and trigonometric functions. The extended trial equation method is powerful and can be used to other partial differential equations and more research can be done by this method.
Cite this paper: Sun, S. , Chang, L. and Liu, H. (2019) Exact Solutions for a Class of Nonlinear PDE with Variable Coefficients Using ET and ETEM. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 7, 2685-2700. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2019.711183.

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