AJPS  Vol.10 No.10 , October 2019
Study of Radio-Sensitivity of Strawberry Runners cv. Fortuna under Moroccan Conditions
Abstract: In recent years, strawberry is being successfully cultivated in Loukkos perimeter of Morocco and a wide range of varieties are being grown. The strawberry crop also generates 3 million working days per year. In fact, all plants are imported and prices are exorbitant. Varietal improvement is essential if a new impetus is to be given to the morocco strawberry. We have accordingly started a mutation breeding program by bud irradiation. Strawberry runners of cv. Fortuna were exposed to increasing doses of acute gamma rays. The physiological effects induced by irradiation were evaluated from cutting survival and growth. It has been determined that the doses of gamma and the varieties used are significant on the number of surviving plants and plant growth parameters. It was determined that low doses gamma irradiation respectively affected plant height, leaf length, leaf width and the number of leaves. These results allowed us, in the first instance, to fix the optimal dose range for cutting irradiated at 62 Grays.
Cite this paper: El Oualkadi, A. , Mouhib, M. and Hajjaj, B. (2019) Study of Radio-Sensitivity of Strawberry Runners cv. Fortuna under Moroccan Conditions. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 10, 1921-1931. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2019.1010135.

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