JAMP  Vol.7 No.9 , September 2019
A Note on the Perturbation of MF Algebras and Quasidiagonal C*-Algebras
Abstract: Perturbation problem of operator algebras was first introduced by Kadison and Kastler. In this short note, we consider the uniform perturbation of two classes of operator algebras, i.e., MF algebras and quasidiagonal C*-algebras. We show that the sets of MF algebras and quasidiagonal C*-algebras of a given C*-algebra are closed under the perturbation of uniform norm.
Cite this paper: Zhan, W. and Wang, L. (2019) A Note on the Perturbation of MF Algebras and Quasidiagonal C*-Algebras. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 7, 2026-2030. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2019.79139.

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