JWARP  Vol.11 No.9 , September 2019
Multi-Fractal Characteristics of Daily Runoff Series of Weihe River Watershed
Abstract: Application of fractal theory on the evolution of nonlinear study of the hydrological system, which found its internal rules from the complex hydrologic system, could make us more fully understand the hydrodynamic characteristics of the complex motion of this system. Taking Weihe River as study area, this paper analyzes daily runoff series’ multi-fractal character and relative fluctuation feature by using the De-trended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA) method. Result shows that the daily runoff series of main channel and branches of Weihe river all shows multi-fractal characteristics clearly, and the turns of multi-fractal intensity of daily runoff series in Weihe river are: Xianyang station (1.388) > Yingge station (0.697) > Linjiacun station (0.665) > Zhangjiashan station (0.662) > Zhuangtou station (0.635). Rainfall, evaporation, water income and human activity and other factors affect the fluctuation character and multi-fractal intensity of daily runoff series through these factors’ superimposition and pining down mutually. This study could provide a theoretical supply for obtaining the quantitative indicators on multi-fractal characteristics about eco-environment situation of watershed, and for runoff forecasting.
Cite this paper: Yan, B. , Zhou, A. and Song, S. (2019) Multi-Fractal Characteristics of Daily Runoff Series of Weihe River Watershed. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 11, 1146-1160. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2019.119067.

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