AJPS  Vol.10 No.8 , August 2019
The Effect of Calcium to Maize Seedlings under Drought Stress
Abstract: Global warming brings a series of problems, including the worsening of drought stress worldwide. This paper aims to find optimal Calcium-using strategies in realistic events of drought stress. Maize seedlings were grown in solutions with differing Ca2+ concentrations, and PEG6000 was used to simulate drought stress. Several physiological indexes were measured to determine the effect of Calcium ions on maize seedlings under drought stress. Results show that a calcium concentration of 10 mM yields best results under both normal and drought conditions, but the lower calcium concentration of 2 mM may be more favorable in short-term drought stress situations.
Cite this paper: Fan, D. (2019) The Effect of Calcium to Maize Seedlings under Drought Stress. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 10, 1391-1396. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2019.108099.

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