JACEN  Vol.8 No.3 , August 2019
Biogas Production from the Co-Digestion of Cornstalks with Cow Dung and Poultry Droppings
Abstract: The Anaerobic digestion of Corn Stalk (CS) with Cow Dung (CD) and Poultry Droppings (PD) was investigated. Batch mono-digestion and Co-digestion experiments were performed with initial total solid loading of 37.5%. The main objective of this work was to investigate the biogas yield at different CS to CD ratios and CS to PD ratios. Results show that the highest Cumulative Gas Yield (CGY) of 6833 mL/g of biomass was achieved in 21 days for CS-CD ratio of 2:1. Similarly high CGY of 6107 mL/g, 6100 mL/g and 5333 mL/g were obtained for CS-PD ratio of 2:1, CS-CD ratio of 1:1 and CS-PD ratio of 1:1 respectively. It is concluded that co-digestion of Cow dung or poultry droppings is beneficial for improving bio-digestibility and Biogas yield from corn stalk. The results of this work provide useful information to improve the efficiency of co-digestion of CS with CD and PD under anaerobic conditions.
Cite this paper: Ona, I. , Loya, S. , Agogo, H. , Iorungwa, M. and Ogah, R. (2019) Biogas Production from the Co-Digestion of Cornstalks with Cow Dung and Poultry Droppings. Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment, 8, 145-154. doi: 10.4236/jacen.2019.83012.


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