AJIBM  Vol.9 No.8 , August 2019
Design and Verification of Outbound Mode Strategy Based on EIQ Analysis
In this paper, in view of the poor delivery efficiency of the warehouse, the theoretical analysis and mathematical modeling are closely linked by collecting and statistics data of a large number of data from single storehouse and single warehouse. The qualitative analysis and quantitative calculation are combined with a large number of actual data obtained by actual operation. Based on this, a discriminant model of the outgoing mode based on EIQ analysis is established to solve the data into the model. It can be seen from the verification results that the error of the time difference of the way out of the warehouse can be less than ±25 s, and it can be proved that the model is practical and reasonable in the selection decision for the way of out of the storehouse, and can provide reference for the selection of a batch order. Finally, the optimized scheme of the outlet of the solid warehouse is obtained, which improves the warehouse outgoing efficiency.
Cite this paper: Wang, S. , Chang, D. and Xu, Z. (2019) Design and Verification of Outbound Mode Strategy Based on EIQ Analysis. American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 9, 1625-1638. doi: 10.4236/ajibm.2019.98106.

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