IJMNTA  Vol.8 No.3 , September 2019
Analysis of the Precision of Bispectral Estimation Methods
Abstract: In order to evaluate the accuracy of bispectral estimation method, signals of cosine function were adopted. Because the cosine signals’ three order moment spectrum and three order cumulant spectrum are zero, Non zero part of the bispectrum estimated by no matter which method is the estimation error. Through the comparison of three kinds of estimation methods: the direct method, indirect method and AR parameter method, errors of various estimation methods were obtained, then changing the values of different parameters in all methods, and observing the bispectral error values changes with the parameters, so as to provide a basis for the various bispectrum estimation method and the selection.
Cite this paper: Wu, W. (2019) Analysis of the Precision of Bispectral Estimation Methods. International Journal of Modern Nonlinear Theory and Application, 8, 62-71. doi: 10.4236/ijmnta.2019.83005.

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