ENG  Vol.11 No.7 , July 2019
Reliability Analysis of Super 13Cr Tubing in Ultra-Deep Gas Well
Abstract: Abnormal oil casing pressure appeared in the process of test production of multiple Ultra-Deep Gas Wells in Tarim Basin. The super 13Cr oil pipe string was used to analyze the causes of pipe string failure in view of the oil casing channeling well during the test and blowout period. The construction process of the well was analyzed in detail. Combined with the review of the operation flow and the detection of fracture string material and fracture morphology, the causes of pipe string fracture were analyzed and calculated in detail. Through field investigation, analysis and calculation, it was found that the main cause of cracking of super 13Cr tubing in this well is the decrease of vibration natural frequency caused by excessive fluid velocity in pipe and too long span of pipe string. At the same time, the mixed failure of stress corrosion cracking and stress load interaction occurred in Cl−1 environment and other corrosion environments.
Cite this paper: Cao, L. , Liu, H. , Liu, J. , Geng, H. and Wei, H. (2019) Reliability Analysis of Super 13Cr Tubing in Ultra-Deep Gas Well. Engineering, 11, 429-436. doi: 10.4236/eng.2019.117030.

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