AS  Vol.10 No.6 , June 2019
Improve the Competitiveness and Value of Rice Exports of the Mekong Delta Provinces
Abstract: Purpose: Vietnam rice has long been a product of international stature. In the commodity export of Vietnam, rice always plays as key agricultural commodities, with contributions billions of dollars each year in total export value. It not only contributes to the overall growth of the economy, but also gradually affirms Vietnam’s position on the international rice market. According to General Statistics Office, in 2012, Vietnam produced 43.7 million tonnes of rice and exported record 8.047 million tonnes of rice, contributing to the total export value of $3.689 million. However, it has not still been commensurate with the value and potential of rice from Vietnam. In addition, the fact is that in recent years, although export rice increased sharply, bringing many records for Vietnam, it had lower prices than other rice exporting countries (Thailand, India, Pakistan). So what is the cause and solution to enhance competitiveness and promote export of rice products in Viet Nam? In the increasingly complex international context, besides socio-economic development, security and national defense, food security has become a matter of international concern. The article first discusses the competitiveness, the value of rice exports and the need to improve competitiveness and export value of rice in the Mekong Delta. Then, there are some solutions proposed to improve the competitiveness and export of rice in the Mekong Delta in the coming time.
Cite this paper: Vi, N. and Liu, T. (2019) Improve the Competitiveness and Value of Rice Exports of the Mekong Delta Provinces. Agricultural Sciences, 10, 707-719. doi: 10.4236/as.2019.106055.

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