ENG  Vol.11 No.5 , May 2019
Determination of the Law of Motion of the Yarn in the Spin Intensifier
Abstract: The article is devoted to the study of spreading of the twisted yarn in a spinning cell. The article presents the scheme and principle of operation of the effective design of the yarn-output tube of pneumomechanical spinning machine. To determine the law of motion of a roller installed in a yarn-output tube, the tension of the thread enveloping the surface of the rotating roller was studied, as a result of which the equation of its motion was obtained. As a result of solving the equation, the values of the thread tension on the surface of the rotating roller are obtained. The dependences of the change in the tension of the thread in time are obtained depending on the angle of rotation and the mass of the roller. The recommended design of the yarn-output tube allows increasing the strength characteristics of the pneumomechanical yarn.
Cite this paper: Korabayev, S. , Mardonovich, M. , Lolashbayevich, M. and Xaydarоvich, M. (2019) Determination of the Law of Motion of the Yarn in the Spin Intensifier. Engineering, 11, 300-306. doi: 10.4236/eng.2019.115021.

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