JBM  Vol.7 No.5 , May 2019
Primary Cutaneous Gamma Delta T Cell Lymphoma: A Clinicopathological Analysis
Primary cutaneous gamma-delta T-cell lymphoma (PCGD-TCL) is a very uncommon and extremely aggressive tumor, and is described in the newly re-vised World health organization for research and treatment of cancer classification of cutaneous lymphomas. A 43-year-old male patient presented with a 4 months history of cutaneous lesion over upper lip, without plaque and any constitutional symptom. Histopathological examination of skin biopsy revealed infiltration of atypical lymphocytes with hyperchromatic irregular nuclei. Immunophenotyping pattern of skin biopsy was compatible with PCGD-TLC. It is a highly aggressive tumor resistant to chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy. The GDTCL is characterized by a worse prognosis with a median survival of 15 months. Early diagnosis is essential and aggressive therapy is necessary.
Cite this paper: Tang, L. and Li, Y. (2019) Primary Cutaneous Gamma Delta T Cell Lymphoma: A Clinicopathological Analysis. Journal of Biosciences and Medicines, 7, 22-26. doi: 10.4236/jbm.2019.75005.

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