OJCM  Vol.9 No.3 , July 2019
Inspection and Assessment of Highway Bridges in Jordan along the Desert Highway: A Case Study
Abstract: Bridges, especially highway bridges, are a key factor in nations’ development and flourish. Thus, great care should be taken to maintain and inspect their safety and serviceability. An immediate repair will prevent the loss of life and vehicles damage while crossing underpass and overpassing the heavy deteriorated bridges. Reinforced or pre-stressed concrete bridge girders become structurally deficient because of severed reasons including, increasing in the load requirements, corrosion of pre-stressing strands or reinforcement bars and collision of over-height trucks with the bulb of the concrete girders. The purpose of this case study is to evaluate and assess the damages of the highway bridges in Jordan. Since there is no mandatory program in Jordan for inspection of bridges and evaluating their conditions, this paper presents an inspection and assessment of two highway bridges along the desert highway which is the essential nerve connecting Jordan cities, and it also serves as an international road between many middle east countries. These two Bridges have never been investigated or checked since their construction in the late 1980s. The study results showed that the main factor causing the deterioration of these bridges is the collision of the over-height trucks with their elements. Relying on the collected data, solutions and repair methods were introduced to rehabilitate these bridges and assure their structural safety.
Cite this paper: Al-Baijat, H. and Alhawamdeh, M. (2019) Inspection and Assessment of Highway Bridges in Jordan along the Desert Highway: A Case Study. Open Journal of Composite Materials, 9, 249-259. doi: 10.4236/ojcm.2019.93014.

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