AS  Vol.10 No.4 , April 2019
Study on Quality Traits for Steamed Bread Made from 25 Representative Wheat Varieties in Shandong Province
Abstract: In order to study steamed bread quality traits and explore good wheat cultivars, 25 wheat cultivars grown in Shandong province were used through one-process fermentation procedure to examine the variability of steamed bread quality traits and the correlation between quality and score. The results showed that all the steamed bread quality traits expressed large variable coefficient except volume, L* value, l* value and cohesiveness traits, which suggested that the genetic diversity made from wheat in Shandong province was large. The average comprehensive score of the steamed bread was 76.8 for the tested 25 varieties, and ten varieties reached the good steamed bread level, which were Liangxing 99, Luyuan 205, Jimai 22, Jinan 17, Tainong 19, Wennong 17, Huaiyin 84137, and Huaimai 8. The main quality factors affecting the steamed bread score were volume, L* value, A* value, hardness, chewiness, and adhesiveness. Among these factors, the adhesiveness has a significantly positive correlation with the hardness and cohesive, and the volume has a significantly positive correlation with the A* value. The volume, L* value has a significantly positive correlation with score, A* value, hardness and chewiness, and gumminess has a significantly negative correlation with the score. There was no correlation between the score and other traits. The results will benefit the understanding of steamed bread quality in wheat cultivated in Shandong.
Cite this paper: Liu, J. , Tian, J. , Wu, P. , Li, X. and Li, C. (2019) Study on Quality Traits for Steamed Bread Made from 25 Representative Wheat Varieties in Shandong Province. Agricultural Sciences, 10, 499-507. doi: 10.4236/as.2019.104039.

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