AiM  Vol.9 No.4 , April 2019
Carbohydrate Yield and Biomethane Potential from Enzymatically Hydrolysed Saccharina latissima and Its Industrial Potential
Abstract: The demand for fuel for utilisation of machinery and transport has culminated in large amounts of fossil fuel usage in the last century. The environmental dangers attached with the usage of fossil fuels have created a large demand for alternative sources of fuels. There is an array of polysaccharides contained within macroalgae, such as mannitol, cellulose and laminarin. These polysaccharides have potential for production of alternative biofuels; however, they are not easily accessible for biological digestion. By pretreatment of macroalgae with enzymes, these polysaccharides may be easier to access by microbes, allowing effective utilization in anaerobic digestion. Saccharina latissima, available in abundance on the Norwegian coast line, is a brown macroalgae with a high level of carbohydrates. This study assesses the ability for utilisation of enzymatically pre-treated Saccharina latissima for production of biogas through anaerobic digestion. The harvested Saccharina latissima was analysed to contain 30.11 ± 2.30 g of reducing sugars per 100 g of dry sample upon enzymatic hydrolysis. This was able to yield 459 ± 30 mL per gVS of biogas through anaerobic digestion, with a methane content of 56%. This suggests a biomethane potential of 1760 m3 per ha of productive sea floor growing Saccharina latissima. An evaluation of this process has been performed to demonstrate the industrial potential of Saccharina latissima in biogas production.
Cite this paper: Lamb, J. , Hjelme, D. and Lien, K. (2019) Carbohydrate Yield and Biomethane Potential from Enzymatically Hydrolysed Saccharina latissima and Its Industrial Potential. Advances in Microbiology, 9, 359-371. doi: 10.4236/aim.2019.94021.

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