JEP  Vol.10 No.4 , April 2019
Risk Assessment of Trace Metals in Soils in the Vicinity of NPA Expressway Open Dump in Warri Metropolis, Delta State, Nigeria
Abstract: Heavy metals are non-biodegradable. They accumulate in the environment and subsequently contaminate the food chain. It is therefore essential to monitor heavy metals content in the soil, so as to prevent too much accumulation in human beings and animals through food chain. Test soil samples were collected from Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) Expressway open dump, and background (control) soil samples were also collected at about 2 km from the open dump and spatial test samples were also collected. The physicochemical properties of the soil were determined. Tessier’s sequential extraction protocols were used to assess the geochemical forms of Cr, Pb, Zn, and Mn in the soil of the open dump. The concentrations of the heavy metals in the extracts were determined in a pre-calibrated atomic absorption spectrophotometer and they are above the background sample values. The metal assessment index (Igeo) evaluated, indicated that the soil in the vicinity of the open dump was highly polluted. The results obtained showed the mobile metal pools which are available to plants roots.
Cite this paper: Ataikiru, H. and Okieimen, F. (2019) Risk Assessment of Trace Metals in Soils in the Vicinity of NPA Expressway Open Dump in Warri Metropolis, Delta State, Nigeria. Journal of Environmental Protection, 10, 562-576. doi: 10.4236/jep.2019.104032.

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