ENG  Vol.11 No.3 , March 2019
Investigation of Entrance and Wall Dynamics of the High-Flux Gas-Solid Riser Using Statistical Analysis of Solids Concentration Signals
Abstract: Statistical analysis of the entrance and wall dynamics of a high-flux gas-solid riser was done using solid concentration time series data collected from a 76 mm internal diameter and 10 m high riser of a CFB system with a twin-riser operated at 4.0 to 10.0 m/s gas velocity and 50 to 550 kg/m2s solids flux. Spent fluid catalytic cracking catalyst particles with 67 μm mean diameter and density of 1500 kg/m3 together with 70% to 80% humid air was used. Solid concentration data were analysed using code prepared using FORTRAN 2008 to get statistical parameters and plot their profiles. Results obtained show that the gas-solid suspension flow in the riser is dominated by low solid concentration in the centre region and high solid concentration in the wall region which forms a core-annulus flow structure. The mean solid concentration in the wall region decreases with riser height from the dense bottom section to less dense in the fully developed flow section at the top of the riser. The gas-solid suspension flow in the centre region is dominated with uniform flow structure while the wall region is dominated with high fluctuations in solid concentration. Further, it was found that the entrance and developing flow sections of the riser exhibit high flow non-uniformities than the fully developed flow section of the riser. The flow non-uniformities in the entrance and developing flow section increase with increase in superficial gas velocity at constant solid flux. The wall region, from the entrance to the top sections of the riser along the axial direction exhibits both dilute and dense suspension flow.
Cite this paper: Jeremiah, J. , Manyele, S. , Temu, A. and Zhu, J. (2019) Investigation of Entrance and Wall Dynamics of the High-Flux Gas-Solid Riser Using Statistical Analysis of Solids Concentration Signals. Engineering, 11, 167-187. doi: 10.4236/eng.2019.113013.

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