AS  Vol.10 No.3 , March 2019
Agro-Ecological Assessment of Non-Traditional Export Crops in North East Trinidad
Abstract: North-East Trinidad is a low income, underutilized, agro-ecological significant and agricultural community with great potential for producing non-traditional crops for domestic usage and export. Diversification is critical to agro-ecological transitions to ensure food security and nutrition while conserving, protecting and enhancing natural resources. The growing demand for agro-ecological and food security solutions suggest that efforts be made to utilize sustainable agriculture, and agro-ecological methods by utilizing available rural landscapes and communities in an effort to fulfill these demands. Surveys of sustainable agriculture, organic farmers and agro-ecological interests were conducted in the impoverished region of North-East Trinidad. Survey results reported over 180 farmers with >1 - 10 acres of available farmland supported a high agricultural production capacity. The highest average per capita for vegetables was tomato (2.3 acres), for tubers was yam (1.03 acres), and for tree crops was green fig (900 plants). Livestock production was limited with duck production being highest (165). There is an increasing earning potential for small farmers and leaseholders, from utilization of non-traditional export crops and expanding agro-ecological land usage, increasing sustainable agriculture production in the area.
Cite this paper: Ramlachan, N. , Renie, R. , Samaroo, K. , Ramcharitar, J. and Ramjattan, S. (2019) Agro-Ecological Assessment of Non-Traditional Export Crops in North East Trinidad. Agricultural Sciences, 10, 278-293. doi: 10.4236/as.2019.103024.

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