IJCM  Vol.10 No.3 , March 2019
Analysis of the Causes of Chronic Pain after Inguinal Hernia Repair without Tension and Its Prevention and Treatment
Abstract: Purpose: Analyzing the causes of pain after tension-free repair in the inguinal hernia, and propose corresponding treatment strategies. Results: The patients in this group were followed up for 3 - 12 months. A total of 5 patients still had pain relief within 3 months after surgery. Further treatment was needed, and the incidence rate was 5%. Conclusion: Skilled surgical procedures are performed in patients with local anesthesia, and some of the absorbable repair materials can be used. The improved patch fixation and extra peritoneal repair can reduce the pain after inguinal hernia repair without tension.
Cite this paper: Wu, H. and Li, W. (2019) Analysis of the Causes of Chronic Pain after Inguinal Hernia Repair without Tension and Its Prevention and Treatment. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 10, 122-127. doi: 10.4236/ijcm.2019.103012.

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