JWARP  Vol.11 No.2 , February 2019
Emergence of Water Urbanism for Water Born “Can Tho”
Abstract: Growing from water, Can Tho is a region on delta area of Southern Vietnam carved up by the currents of Mekong’s tributary, where settlements and water are closely interact. Being an important city, Can Tho puts in high expectations for investment calls that activate the growth of the city towards a new direction of urbanism. This trend seems to neglect its nature way of coping with water. In this connection, the intention of the research is to understand the urbanism in delta area of Can Tho, its confidences and fears the region has to experience and deal with. The intensive field work reveals an evaluation towards Can Tho’s spatial quality and major water problems. As a closing, the last section has share thoughts that different strategies of urban design to retrieve back the wisdom of living with water which are required for future urbanity of Can Tho region.
Cite this paper: Siddiqua, A. (2019) Emergence of Water Urbanism for Water Born “Can Tho”. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 11, 166-180. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2019.112010.

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