AA  Vol.9 No.1 , February 2019
The Y-SNP Z-381 Is a Patrilineal DNA Marker of the Royal Bourbon Family of France
Abstract: More than 1100 unrelated males from West-Europe were analysed by molecular hybridization experiments for the p49, f Taq I polymorphisms, and by polymerase chain reaction for the R-S21 and Z381 Y-SNP markers. The corresponding two SNP haplogroups showed similar packty frequency distribution patterns centred on Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and the north of Germany. Louis XVI, the last French King, is Z381+. A complete corrected Y-STRs profile is established for Prince Sixte-Henri of Bourbon-Parma, a living representative descendant of the French Bourbon family; exploration of further Y-SNP markers located under Z381 shows that he is of the DF98 haplogroup.
Cite this paper: Lucotte, G. and Dieterlen, F. (2019) The Y-SNP Z-381 Is a Patrilineal DNA Marker of the Royal Bourbon Family of France. Advances in Anthropology, 9, 70-79. doi: 10.4236/aa.2019.91005.

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