OJST  Vol.1 No.4 , December 2011
Oral spindle cell lipomas
Abstract: Spindle cell lipoma is an histological type of lipoma which are rarely found in the oral cavity. We describe two cases of intraoral spindle cell lipomas. The pa- tients were men and presented painless slow growing masses in the left cheek and hard palate, measuring 50 × 30 mm and 23 × 20 mm respectively. Microsco- pically, both lesions presented a solid proliferation of mature fat cells intermixed with bundles of connec- tive tissue. Cells were immunopositive for S100 pro- tein and CD34 (one case), with low mitotic activity (Ki-67). The final diagnosis was spindle cell lipomas. The lesions were excised and no recurrence was no- ticed after six months. Oral spindle cell lipomas are unexpected to occur in the oral mucosa, and the main differential diagnosis is well-differentiated liposar- coma/atypical lipoma. Lesions are treated with sur-gical excision and recurrences are rare.
Cite this paper: nullCaldeira, P. , Bernardes, V. , Miranda, A. , Telles, D. , Batista, R. , Ribeiro, C. and Silva, T. (2011) Oral spindle cell lipomas. Open Journal of Stomatology, 1, 202-206. doi: 10.4236/ojst.2011.14031.

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