AJIBM  Vol.8 No.12 , December 2018
Research on Optimal Investment Portfolio of Enterprise Annuity under Investment Constraints
Abstract: Using Markowitz’s mean-variance model, this article measured the yields and risks of the four major investment instruments under the premise of different investment portfolios in the current enterprise-annuity-investment constraints. Finally, under the existing annuity investment constraints, this paper found that 1) corporate bonds are better than government bonds from the security and profitability of the enterprise annuity portfolio, 2) the combination of two or more investment instruments can more diversify risks, 3) stock investment needs to be selected in the portfolio, the higher the proportion of stock investment, the greater the yield of the enterprise annuity portfolio.
Cite this paper: Cao, X. (2018) Research on Optimal Investment Portfolio of Enterprise Annuity under Investment Constraints. American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 8, 2391-2402. doi: 10.4236/ajibm.2018.812160.

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