CellBio  Vol.7 No.4 , December 2018
The Effect of Mesenchymal Stem Cells of Umbilical Cord on the Treatment of Cleft Palate in Children
Abstract: Cleft palate or harelip is one of the most common congenital defects in humans and harelip with cleft lip in whites is estimated 1 out of every 7000 to 1000 births. In recent years, surgeons and doctors have tried to resolve this problem immediately after the birth by operation, but sometimes we encounter things that cannot be easily solved by a surgical procedure. Our goal is to use stem cells to eliminate the disease and prevent operation, because children are often afraid of surgery and pain later on. Also, the need for general anesthesia for bone remodeling involves complications, such as long-term pain and nerve disorders. By the advent of the use of alternative stem extraction techniques, a better alternative to the invasive method of cleft lip and palate therapy has been developed.
Cite this paper: Vatankhah, M. (2018) The Effect of Mesenchymal Stem Cells of Umbilical Cord on the Treatment of Cleft Palate in Children. CellBio, 7, 63-67. doi: 10.4236/cellbio.2018.74006.

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