AM  Vol.9 No.12 , December 2018
An Extension of One-Period Nash Equilibrium Model in Non-Life Insurance Markets
This paper deals with an extension of the one-period model in non-life insurance markets (cf. [1]) by using a transition probability matrix depending on some economic factors. We introduce a multi-period model and in each period the solvency constraints will be updated. Moreover, the model has the inactive state including some uninsured population. Similar results on the existence of premium equilibrium and sensitivity analysis for this model are presented and illustrated by numerical results.
Cite this paper: Battulga, G. , Altangerel, L. and Battur, G. (2018) An Extension of One-Period Nash Equilibrium Model in Non-Life Insurance Markets. Applied Mathematics, 9, 1339-1350. doi: 10.4236/am.2018.912087.

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