JBM  Vol.6 No.12 , December 2018
Schistosoma mansoni and Soil Transmitted Helminth (STH) Infections among Pregnant Women Attending Primary Health Care Facilities in Lagos Mainland, Nigeria
Abstract: In a cross-sectional survey among consented pregnant women, rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for malaria was carried out and stool examination was done to detect the presence of Schistosoma mansoni and soil transmitted helminthes using Kato-Katz technique. Intensity of infection was expressed as the number of eggs per gram (epg) of faeces. Prevalence of soil transmitted helminthes was 8.3% and 0.83% for Schistosoma mansoni while none was positive for malaria infection. Lack of co-infection with malaria could be connected with the intermittent preventive treatment with sulphadoxine pyrimethamine (IPTp-SP). Public health impact of soil transmitted helminthes and schistosomiasis infections in pregnancy may necessitate initiation of preventive treatment of helminth infections during pregnancy.
Cite this paper: Adewale, B. , Rahaman, O. , Aina, O. and Sulyman, M. (2018) Schistosoma mansoni and Soil Transmitted Helminth (STH) Infections among Pregnant Women Attending Primary Health Care Facilities in Lagos Mainland, Nigeria. Journal of Biosciences and Medicines, 6, 64-70. doi: 10.4236/jbm.2018.612006.

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