JACEN  Vol.7 No.4 , November 2018
Analysis of Maize Production Efficiency Based on DEA-Malmquist Indexes: A Case Study of Henan Province
Abstract: In order to improve the production efficiency of maize in Henan, China, the HP (High-Pass) filter method is used to obtain the maize trend yield. Secondly, the Malmquist index method is used to analyze the changes of TFP (Total Factor Productivity) of maize in 18 cities in Henan Province in the past 11 years. Finally, the amount of slack in maize input and output is analyzed. The results show that the research and development level of advanced technology of maize production in Henan Province has been improved to some extent in recent years; the advanced technology in various regions has not been fully promoted and utilized; there is a certain degree of relaxation in the input of various elements of maize; the resource allocation is unreasonable, and there is a certain amount of space for saving.
Cite this paper: Li, B. and Zhu, X. (2018) Analysis of Maize Production Efficiency Based on DEA-Malmquist Indexes: A Case Study of Henan Province. Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment, 7, 176-187. doi: 10.4236/jacen.2018.74015.

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