JIS  Vol.9 No.4 , October 2018
Ontology-Based Cyber Security Policy Implementation in Saudi Arabia
Abstract: Cyber security is an important element of national security and the safekeeping of a nation’s constituency and assets. In Saudi Arabia, the point of interest on cyber security is particularly outstanding due to the fact that Saudi Arabia has a highly cyber attacks all over the Arab countries. This paper displays on contemporary studies done in Saudi Arabia in regards to cyber security policy coverage. The point of interest of this paper is the use of ontology to identify and suggest a formal, encoded description of the cyber security strategic environment, and propose the development of ontology to be able to permit the implementation of the sort of policy. The intention of the ontology is to become aware of and constitute the multi-layered company of gamers and their related roles and obligations within the cyber security environment. This could make contributions in large part to the improvement, implementation and rollout of a country wide cyber security policy in Saudi Arabia.
Cite this paper: Talib, A. , Alomary, F. , Alwadi, H. and Albusayli, R. (2018) Ontology-Based Cyber Security Policy Implementation in Saudi Arabia. Journal of Information Security, 9, 315-333. doi: 10.4236/jis.2018.94021.

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