AM  Vol.9 No.10 , October 2018
Integer Wavelet-Based Image Interpolation in Lifting Structure for Image Resolution Enhancement
A floating-point wavelet-based and an integer wavelet-based image interpolations in lifting structures and polynomial curve fitting for image resolution enhancement are proposed in this paper. The proposed prediction methods estimate high-frequency wavelet coefficients of the original image based on the available low-frequency wavelet coefficients, so that the original image can be reconstructed by using the proposed prediction method. To further improve the reconstruction performance, we use polynomial curve fitting to build relationships between actual high-frequency wavelet coefficients and estimated high-frequency wavelet coefficients. Results of the proposed prediction algorithm for different wavelet transforms are compared to show the proposed prediction algorithm outperforms other methods.
Cite this paper: Chen, C.-Y., Guo, S.-M., Tsai, C.-H. and Tsai, J.S.-H.(2018) Integer Wavelet-Based Image Interpolation in Lifting Structure for Image Resolution Enhancement. Applied Mathematics, 9, 1156-1178. doi: 10.4236/am.2018.910077.

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