ENG  Vol.10 No.10 , October 2018
The Implementation and Lateral Control Optimization of a UAV Based on Phase Lead Compensator and Signal Constraint Controller
Abstract: Unmanned Aero Vehicles (UAV) has become a useful entity for quite a good number of industries and facilities. It is an agile, cost effective and reliable solution for communication, defense, security, delivery, surveillance and surveying etc. However, their reliability is dependent on the resilient and stabilizes performance based on control systems embedded behind the body. Therefore, the UAV is majorly dependent upon controller design and the requirement of particular performance parameters. Nevertheless, in modern technologies there is always a room for improvement. In the similar manner a UAV lateral control system was implemented and researched in this study, which has been optimized using Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) controller, phase lead compensator and signal constraint controller. The significance of this study is the optimization of the existing UAV controller plant for improving lateral performance and stability. With this UAV community will benefit from designing robust controls using the optimized method utilized in this paper and moreover this will provide sophisticated control to operate in unpredictable environments. It is observed that results obtained for optimized lateral control dynamics using phase lead compensator (PLC) are efficacious than the simple PID feedback gains. However, for optimizing unwanted signals of lateral velocity, yaw rate, and yaw angle modes, PLC were integrated with PID to achieve dynamical stability.
Cite this paper: Loya, A. , Duraid, M. , Maqsood, K. and Khan, R. (2018) The Implementation and Lateral Control Optimization of a UAV Based on Phase Lead Compensator and Signal Constraint Controller. Engineering, 10, 704-729. doi: 10.4236/eng.2018.1010051.

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