AJIBM  Vol.8 No.10 , October 2018
Rural Road Improvement and Farmland Circulation: The Production Cost Perspective
Abstract: This paper comprehensively investigates the impact of rural road infrastructure improvement on farmland transfer from the perspective of agricultural production costs. Based on a theoretical analysis framework, this paper builds a theoretical model of supply and demand for the village farmland transfer and discusses the trend of the equilibrium point between supply and demand before and after the improvement of rural road infrastructures. This is taken as the starting point for the theoretical analysis to discuss the impact of the improvement of rural road infrastructures on village farmland transfer. According to the analysis, the corresponding research hypothesis is proposed. Moreover, by employing 2018 survey data on a village in the Anhui Province, the research conclusions are obtained. Specifically, the Tobit regression model analysis highlights that the increase in rural road infrastructures does have a significant impact on agricultural land transfer.
Cite this paper: Wu, Z. (2018) Rural Road Improvement and Farmland Circulation: The Production Cost Perspective. American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 8, 2061-2071. doi: 10.4236/ajibm.2018.810136.

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