GEP  Vol.6 No.9 , September 2018
Coal Deformation, Metamorphism and Tectonic Environment in Xinhua, Hunan
Abstract: This article discusses in detail chemical composition, molecular structure, microstructure phenomena, estimate of the palaeo-stress, paleo-temperature and the strain rate to deepen the knowledge for the correlation of coal deformation and metamorphism with structural environment in Xinhua Hunan by coal quality analysis, XRD and SEM methods, which provide dependable theoretical foundation for coal resource exploitation and utilization. The results show that 1) d002 value of six coal samples is from 3.36 to 3.39 nm, coal resolved itself into aphanitic graphite with the increase of coal rank during coalification, which is characterized by graphite flakes, and the crystallite size is from 50 nm to 250 nm; A certain degree of 3R-structure content is increases and the crystallite size is extend with the coalification process, but RH-structure content is decreased; 2) the tectonic environment of research area belongs to the ductile-brittle deformation, which was characterized by low temperature, low stress, high strain rate; 3) Tianlongshan magmatic intrusion provided heat source, its side-extrusion made the molecules structure of coal ordering, distance between layers decreased, finally it caused the formation of aphanitic graphite.
Cite this paper: Li, H. , Zou, X. , Mo, J. , Wang, Y. and Chen, F. (2018) Coal Deformation, Metamorphism and Tectonic Environment in Xinhua, Hunan. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 6, 170-182. doi: 10.4236/gep.2018.69013.

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