MSA  Vol.9 No.10 , September 2018
Thermo-Physical Properties of Al-Mg Alloy in Liquid State at Different Temperatures
Abstract: Thermo-physical properties of Al-Mg alloys in molten state at 1073 K have been studied using thermodynamic modeling. Thermodynamic properties, such as free energy of mixing, heat of mixing, entropy of mixing, activities and structural properties, such as concentration fluctuation in long wavelength limit, Warren-Cowely short range order parameter have been studied at 1073 K, 1173 K, 1273 K and 1373 K on the basis of regular associated solution model. The surface properties such as surface concentrations and surface tension of the liquid alloys have been studied by using Butler’s model. A consistent set of model parameters have also been obtained by using optimization procedure based on statistical thermodynamics. Our analysis reveals that Al-Mg alloy is moderately interacting and it shows ordering nature at 1073 K. The nature of the alloys changes from ordering to segregating as the temperature increases.
Cite this paper: Yadav, S. , Jha, L. , Dhungana, A. , Mehta, U. and Adhikari, D. (2018) Thermo-Physical Properties of Al-Mg Alloy in Liquid State at Different Temperatures. Materials Sciences and Applications, 9, 812-828. doi: 10.4236/msa.2018.910058.

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