ENG  Vol.10 No.9 , September 2018
Movement of the Trash Inside of Fiber Material When Available Elastic Force of Clutch
Abstract: In the article, the motions of the magpies inside the fibrous material are studied in the presence of an elastic bonding force and the force of dry friction. It is assumed that the volatility of raw cotton in the form of a ball hits the initial velocity about the grate, and after the impact the velocity of the center of mass of the volatility is zero. Until the moment of impact, the mote is located along the beam, which tilts to the horizon and has the same velocity with the center of the fly, and after the impact it moves along this ray. The case is considered when the coefficients of dynamic rigidity, adhesion strength and coefficient of friction depend on the temperature difference between the initial and the current, and it is assumed that these parameters decrease with increasing temperature difference. Accordingly, in the equation of motion of the mote, the sign of the speed of movement of the magpies is taken into account in the direction of the force of contact between it and the fibrous mass. Different stages of the motion of the speck along the ray are considered. On the basis of the equations obtained, the trajectories and the geometric locations of the points of location of the magpies located along the ray are established.
Cite this paper: Madumarov, I. , Mardonov, B. , Ruzmetov, R. and Tuychiev, T. (2018) Movement of the Trash Inside of Fiber Material When Available Elastic Force of Clutch. Engineering, 10, 579-587. doi: 10.4236/eng.2018.109042.

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