AS  Vol.9 No.8 , August 2018
Crop Production Challenges Faced by Farmers in Somalia: A Case Study of Afgoye District Farmers
Abstract: The objective of this article was to investigate existing challenges of crop production on farmers in Afgoye District lower Shabelle Somalia. The Focus was farmer’s attitude toward existing or not constraints to their crop production and what the experts have seen and what are far from their perception. Sixty famers and academic experts were distributed questionnaires and interview about the constraints of crop production other than agricultural disciplines. This paper used survey descriptive research which facilitates easily connection between past constrains and challenges of crop production. Questionnaire was comprised in the following two parts; Part one; demographic variables and Part two; objective related questions. The study found both major and minor constraints are exists in the Somali farmers. The major constraints include unstable weather, water scarcity, pests damaging crops, and poor transportation, and minor constraints such as inability to access and use such as seed and fertilizers, lack of capital to buy, inadequate investment in irrigation which makes farmers very vulnerable to drought, and there is less knowledge and skill of all farmers. The finding with highest percentage that was challenged in Afgoye farmer was “there is fear of gunner and thieves in the farmers” and 75% of respondents strongly agreed and second question with highest score is “there is fear of conflict between rebels and government”, and 61.7% of them selected strongly agreed.
Cite this paper: Abdi-Soojeede, M. (2018) Crop Production Challenges Faced by Farmers in Somalia: A Case Study of Afgoye District Farmers. Agricultural Sciences, 9, 1032-1046. doi: 10.4236/as.2018.98071.

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