EPE  Vol.10 No.8 , August 2018
Review on Power System Frequency Regulation with High Wind Power Permeability
Abstract: In recent years, global wind power has developed rapidly to alleviate environmental pollution and energy crisis. Due to the potential of enhancing the stability of power system through the application of wind power participating in power grid frequency regulation, the large-scale integration of wind power has become a hot issue for academic research in recent years. This paper classifies the frequency control problems of wind power integration and summarizes the research of power system frequency regulation strategy with high wind power permeability. Energy storage system participating in frequency regulation of the power system with high wind permeability is reviewed and analyzed.
Cite this paper: Ye, Z. , Xie, Y. and Zhu, H. (2018) Review on Power System Frequency Regulation with High Wind Power Permeability. Energy and Power Engineering, 10, 366-382. doi: 10.4236/epe.2018.108023.

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