APM  Vol.1 No.6 , November 2011
Some Equivalences and Dualities via Static Modules
Abstract: For a ring A, an extension ring B, a fixed right A-module M, the endomorphism ring D formed by M, the endomorphism ring E formed by , and the endomorphism ring F formed by HomA (B,M), we present equivalences and dualities between subcategories of B-modules which are finitely cogenerated injective as A-modules and E-modules and F-modules which are finitely generated projective as D-modules.
Cite this paper: nullS. Al-Nofayee and S. Nauman, "Some Equivalences and Dualities via Static Modules," Advances in Pure Mathematics, Vol. 1 No. 6, 2011, pp. 359-362. doi: 10.4236/apm.2011.16064.

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