AS  Vol.9 No.8 , August 2018
Lack of Relationship between Testicular Echotexture and Seminal Characteristics in Adult Texel Rams
Abstract: The objective of this study was to determine the minimum representative area to evaluate testicular echotexture parenchyma and to identify the correlations between the intensity of pixels of the testicular parenchyma and the fibrosis score with the physical and morphological characteristics of the ejaculate of Texel rams. The study used 88 Texel rams, aged between 10 and 12 months, and reared in a semi-extensive system. The animals underwent breeding soundness evaluation (BSE) and ultrasound of the testicles. The images were transferred to a computer where they were defined in areas of 400, 1600, 3600, and 6400 mm2, after which the average intensity of the pixels of each image of the testicular regions was evaluated. A testicular fibrosis score was assigned in order to quantify the frequency of fibrotic lesions. In relation to the intensity of pixels of the predetermined regions, only the area of 400 mm2 presented a difference (P < 0.05), with the area of 1600 mm2 being the smallest area that best represented the testicular parenchyma. There were no correlations between the intensity of pixels of the testicular parenchyma and the fibrosis score with the physical and morphological characteristics of the ejaculate of the rams.
Cite this paper: Urt, M. , Bakarji, E. , Faria, F. , Santos, E. and Costa, D. (2018) Lack of Relationship between Testicular Echotexture and Seminal Characteristics in Adult Texel Rams. Agricultural Sciences, 9, 936-946. doi: 10.4236/as.2018.98065.

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