ENG  Vol.3 No.11 , November 2011
Inquiry of Water-Soluble Polysaccharide Extraction Conditions from Grapefruit Skin
Abstract: Water-soluble polysaccharide was isolated from grapefruit with the method of water-dissolving and ethanol-precipitating. By single factor test and orthogonal experimental method, the extraction conditions of the water-soluble polysaccharide were investigated, which contained liquid-solid ratio, temperature, time and pH. The results showed that pH was the most important factor of polysaccharide extraction, followed by temperature. The optimized extraction technology conditions were obtained. The liquid-solid ratio was 1:40, temperature was 90?C, time was 2.0 h, and pH was 2. The highest extraction rate of crude polysaccharide was 8.30%.
Cite this paper: nullZ. Luo, Z. Liu, S. Tan, Q. Xu, H. Yang and L. Yang, "Inquiry of Water-Soluble Polysaccharide Extraction Conditions from Grapefruit Skin," Engineering, Vol. 3 No. 11, 2011, pp. 1090-1094. doi: 10.4236/eng.2011.311135.

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