IJCM  Vol.9 No.8 , August 2018
Study of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Gene Polymorphism in Egyptian Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Diabetic Kidney Disease
Abstract: Objective: Diabetic kidney disease DKD (Diabetic nephropathy DN) is considered one of the chronic micro vascular complications of diabetes mellitus and considered the commonest cause leading to chronic renal failure and chronic renal dialysis. Genetic susceptibility has been implicated in DKD. The angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) is one of the key roles in the renin angiotensin system cascade by converting angiotensin I to angiotensin II which plays a key role in regulation of blood pressure as well as electrolytes and fluid balance. This study addressed the association of (ACE) gene polymorphisms with DN in Egyptian (T2DM) patients. Methods: Our research comprised of 75 cases of T2DM with diabetic kidney disease, 100 cases of T2DM without DKD and 94 healthy volunteers. Different genotypes of ACE gene were determined by SSP-PCR analysis. Results: Gene polymorphism of ACE (DD, ID, II) in diabetic patient with DKD is 44%, 52%, 4% respectively and for T2DM individuals without DKD is 23%, 72%, 5% respectively. (DD) had significant higher frequencies in T2DM patients with DKD compared to those without DKD (p < 0.005) and (ID) had significant higher frequencies in T2DM without DKD (p < 0.0001). These results indicated that there is an association between ACE gene polymorphisms and susceptibility of diabetic patients to be affected by diabetic kidney disease. Conclusion: From our results, we can conclude that genotype of ACE in Egypt DD is the genotype of cases diabetic kidney disease. So the presence of D allele has a significant relation with diabetic kidney disease. Our data confirm the role of ACE in its relationship with diabetic kidney disease in Egyptian type 2 diabetic patients.
Cite this paper: El-baz, R. , Wafa, A. , Marrawan, E. , El-Tawab, A. and Aly, Z. (2018) Study of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Gene Polymorphism in Egyptian Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Diabetic Kidney Disease. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 9, 629-643. doi: 10.4236/ijcm.2018.98053.

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