t evaluate deep FAZ because of the software version limitations. In all conducted studies deep FAZ was measured with a wider range compared to superficial FAZ [9] [14] [15] . Furthermore, central foveal thickness and axial length were not included in the overall assessment. Some authors describe negative correlation of superficial FAZ area with central retinal thickness [8] [13] .

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, OCT-A is an appropriate non-invasive and reliable method for evaluating superficial FAZ that provides automatic quantitative measurement of this “nonflow’’ area in the center of the macula. According to our results, we hypothesize that macular perfusion remains fairly unchanged in the nonexudative stages of the disease. Additional studies are needed to confirm its application and importance in nonexudative stages of AMD.

Conflict of Interest

The authors declare no conflict of interest.


This publication is funded by Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Project № 001/2017).

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